Geolocating Nearby Airports by IP

Our new endpoint allows geolocating nearby airports by IP address. We already have an endpoint returning nearest airports by making use of the coordinates (latitude and longitude) as an input. The new endpoint complements this set. It geolocates the coordinates internally by using the IP address as an input, and returns airports, closest to that location in ascending distance order.

For uniformity, the path, and supplementary input parameters of the new endpoint are similar to the ones of the existing endpoint:


Likewise, the response is following the same contract:

It might be useful for a myriad of scenarios in your application. For example, if you want to pre-fill a ticket search form on your web-site and everything you have is just the IP address of your customer.

The following limitations apply:

  • At the moment, airports having both ICAO and IATA code and flight schedules are present available only.
  • IP geolocation is not a precision science, and the location, determined this is way, will always be approximate.

You can learn more on the documentation page, as well as try it in the RapidAPI sandbox. The endpoint was added to Tier 2 and is eligible for free trial. Please see our pricing and sign up.

Additionally, we have improved the performance of spatial search in general, so now both endpoints work significantly faster.