April ’23 Updates: New Endpoints and Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Search airports by IP geolocation and Search airports by location endpoints now have query-string style counter-parts. If you’re on the most recent pricing plans, we recommend:
    • using /airports/search/location?lat={lat}&lon={lon}&radiusKm={radiusKm}&limit={limit}
      instead of /airports/search/location/{lat}/{lon}/km/{radiusKm}/{limit}
    • using /airports/search/ip?q={ip}&radiusKm={radiusKm}&limit={limit}
      instead of /airports/search/ip/{ip}/km/{radiusKm}/{limit}
  • New endpoint added: Solar and day time at the airport
    GET /airports/{codeType}/{code}/time/solar/*
    It produces certain solar and daytime calculations and ultimately answers the following questions:When is the sunset, sunrise, true noon, dusk (civil, nautical, astronomical) or dawn (civil, nautical, astronomical) today or on any other day at the airport?
    What is the position of the sun in the sky; is it day, night, twilight (civil, nautical, astronomical), blue or golden hours now or at any other moment at the airport?
  • New endpoint added: Weather / forecast at the airport
    GET /airports/{codeType}/{code}/weather/*
    It provides a brief simplified weather overview for the airport from now, up to 48 hours ahead, including METARs and TAFs, on-demand. Please note that this miscellaneous endpoint isn’t designed to provide extensive weather information and is in no way a replacement to the specialized weather APIs. Also, it’s currently in beta and may improve in the future.
  • All airport-related endpoints now uniformly support specifying airport code in either ICAO and IATA systems (previously, only ICAO was supported for the most of the endpoints):
  • All endpoints, which previously accepted date-time path arguments in yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm format, now also accept a shortened yyyy-MM-dd format as a midnight, e.g., 2023-04-10 will be equal to 2023-04-10T00:00
  • All distance calculations across the API are now using an improved algorithm and returning significantly less deviation for longer distances.
  • The performance of the Search airports by free text endpoint is improved and provides better and more flexible search results.

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