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(1) Before sending a message, please take some time to review relevant parts of this web-site and the documentation pages (at least data coverage and FAQ). These pages address roughly 80% of the questions we receive on day-to-day basis, like:

— Why there are no updates for flight ABC?
— Flight ABC is scheduled on . But I don’t see it in your API. Please fix.
— Do you support feature XYZ?

For capacity management purposes, we may not reply to inquiries where the lack of basic familiarization with the aforementioned pages is evident.

(2) If you are an active subscriber, please mention your RapidAPI username. Due to technical limitations, we’re unable to locate users by e-mails on the RapidAPI platform.

(3) Please note that sending the same request through the different channels (first, by e-mail, and then by contact form or RapidAPI) will delay its processing!


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