Flight Status & Schedule, Flight Delay Statistics, FIDS, Airport Delay Index

We’ve been recently busy adding a few more endpoints to the AeroDataBox API. Now you are able to:

  • Get flight status or schedule for a specific date as well as for the nearest flight;
  • Get flight delay statistics;
  • Get departures and arrivals list per airport and within a given time range (FIDS);
  • Get current airport delay statistics (delay index).

 In addition, fixed a few major bugs in data aggregation, which should increase data quality. And also, many flights with live updates are now having registrations of actual aircraft operating these flights.

There is currently no limitation on date time ranges you can request the information (no matter how much data is kept in the system, you are currently able to access it all). But, keep in mind, however, that live flight update information is yet available for only a few hundred airports mostly located in Europe. As demand for API will grow, coverage will be increased. Static flight schedule information, however, is available to a much bigger extent.

Also, I have expanded the overall description of the API and detailed documentation, which can be found here: https://aerodatabox.com

Thanks for using AeroDataBox API!