Airport Runways and Airport Routes Daily Statistics

A few more endpoints were added to the AeroDataBox API:

1) Airport runways by airport ICAO

Runways data was revised and updated for airports currently existing in the database. Therefore, data about heading, surface, width, threshold position, displacement, and operation of the runways are available. You can also get runway information (as well as local time) in addition to basic airport information using regular ‘Airport by IATA’ or ‘Airport by ICAO’ endpoints, so you don’t have to shoot two calls.

2) Airport routes daily flights statistics by airport ICAO

This endpoint exposes statistical information for airports where we have static schedules or live flight updates enabled. Statistics are meant to answer the following questions:

  • What are the most popular routes from an airport?
  • Where I can fly from an airport?
  • How many daily flights to different destinations from an airport?

Endpoints are now available on RapidAPI with a bit more readable and extensive documentation located here: 

Thanks for using AeroDataBox API!