For Students

It is not uncommon that we provide discounted or completely free-of-charge API keys to students and researchers to help them with their work. At your request, we may do so. 

This possibility depends on what are the requirements of a specific project and how intensive the usage of the API / data is expected to be. Each situation is individual, and we are open to looking for possibilities. There are no specific guidelines to that, but as a rule of thumb you may expect the following conditions:

  • Student API key’s purpose must be specific. The key is expected to be used for the specified work and for educational/research non-profit purposes only. Student API keys must not be used directly or indirectly, in full or partially for any other purposes (private or business alike). Vague and generic trial requests without any specific ongoing projects in mind will likely not be honored.
  • Student API keys will be time-framed (normally, from a week to several months) and quotas will be tweaked according to the specific needs of your work. Please ensure you can be specific about your demands. Tip: Before contacting us, please decide which specific endpoints you want to use and how many calls you want to make for each of these endpoints. Requests for an undetermined/unlimited number of API calls for an unlimited/undetermined duration of time for unspecified scope of endpoints won’t be honored.
  • Credits to AeroDataBox API must be given clearly visible in your work: we reserve a right to request a link to or a copy of your end work or publication to verify that.
  • We reserve a right to request a confirmation of you working on a specified project and/or studying in a specified educational institution(this may be, but is not limited to: requesting a copy of your student ID, coming in contact with your teacher, etc.).
    Tip: it will be a good idea to contact us using the e-mail granted to you by your education institution and containing its official domain name. Please ensure, that the e-mail address you’re writing from is able to receive messages from outside of the network of your educational institution, or provide us an alternative e-mail we can reach you at. Otherwise, we won’t be able to respond to you! (that already happened).
  • Student API keys are not guaranteed and no one is entitled to them. We may refuse to issue a key for any reason, which may be not necessarily related to your work (for instance: there are technical issues currently, the load on the API is at capacity, there are too many student or free API keys active at the moment, etc.).
  • General terms of use will still be applicable to any student API key.

This list might seem a bit daunting, but don’t be afraid: all of these conditions are largely common sense. Obviously, we cannot enforce each and every one of these conditions. That is why every student API key is to be issued with a grain of trust that a key will be used responsibly!

Do you want to request an API key or do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Please also see other pages on this website.

We are happy to help!