Searching for Flight Status by ATC Call-sign, Aircraft Registration or Aircraft 24-bit ICAO Mode-S transponder address

We are introducing more capabilities to search for flight status. 

From now on, you can look for individual flight information not only by flight number but also by ATC call-sign, registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S hexadecimal transponder address of the aircraft operating the flight. 

New search capabilities are delivered by introducing new endpoints: 

  • Flight by aircraft registration (and date) 
  • Flight by ATC call sign (and date) 
  • Flight by ICAO 24-bit Mode-S address (and date) 
  • Flight departure dates by aircraft registration (within range) 
  • Flight departure dates by ATC call sign (within range) 
  • Flight departure dates by ICAO 24-bit Mode-S address (within range) 

The behavior, contracts, and pricing of each of the new endpoints remain the same as for similar endpoints operating based on flight number.

Please feel free to try it and don’t hesitate to report any bugs.

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