At the moment, AeroDataBox API is provided exclusively via the RapidAPI – a platform where you can find and connect to thousands of various APIs with a single API key (Coming soon: we’re working to make API available via other platforms. Stay tuned!)

You can test API for as low as $0.99 / month with the Basic plan. To continue with our API, you can further upgrade to other plans ranging from just $5 to $150 per month. We may confidently assume that we’re the cheapest among similar flight and aviation data APIs. This, however, comes at a cost of reduced flight data coverage. Why?

See our pricing here:

Do you have free trials?

In the past, we used to provide free access to our Basic plan, which is an excellent plan for trying the API. Unfortunately, this option was often abused by customers creating multiple accounts and continuing using our API this way for extended periods of time. Effective July 2023 we discontinued completely free access to AeroDataBox API and put a symbolic fee for the lowest of our plans.

Do you provide free or discounted access for students?

Yes, we do. Special terms apply.

Why charging at all?

Even a relatively small enthusiast-driven project, like AeroDataBox, processes gigabytes of data in a very complex manner daily. It requires constant attention from highly qualified professionals involved with the project and regular payments for server infrastructure. In a modest attempt to compensate for these expenses and volunteering, our aero data API is made public at a very low cost.

Please remember that software engineering and aviation enthusiasts working on AeroDataBox during their spare time in between job and family duties are not getting paid for these efforts. At the moment, incomes from API are not even close to speaking about hiring anyone of them even on minimum wage. For the same reason, we kindly ask for your understanding if some aspects of data quality are not meeting your expectations.