FIDS with Extended Information, Flight Time and Distance

There weren’t many updates recently. Due to independent personal circumstances, we can’t devote much time to developing AeroDataBox at the moment, unfortunately. Nevertheless, there is some new stuff in the API:

  1. FIDS endpoint now has additional query string boolean parameter “withLeg”. When set to true, the response will contain times of arrival at destination for departing flights, and times of departure from the origin for arriving flights, if available. Please note, that the response contract will change slightly in this case. Feel free to check this endpoint out in the sandbox (  ) and review extended documentation ( ).
  2. Endpoint for calculating distance and flight-time between airports (by IATA or ICAO codes) is added. It requires a pair of ICAO or IATA codes of airports as input and returns great circle distance and estimated flight time between these airports. Flight time evaluation is based on re-calculating the great circle distance against the statistical duration average of multiple flights that covered similar distances before. This interpolation approach gives a more precise estimate of possible flight time rather than just dividing distance per some constant average speed. Feel free to check these endpoints out in the sand-box:

and review extended documentation:

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