AeroDataBox - Aviation and Flight Data API

AeroDataBox // Aviation and Flight API

best-effort, enthusiast-driven aviation and flight data API
suited best for individual developers, small teams and businesses, researchers, or students
not oversold, not overpromised, low cost

Getting Started

At the moment, AeroDataBox API is provided only through RapidAPI – a platform where you can find and connect to thousands of APIs with one API key. You can subscribe and start using our aero API as you have an account on RapidAPI.

Coming soon: we’re working to make API available via other platforms. Stay tuned!

Connect on RapidAPI

Is it Good for Me?

Is an enthusiast-driven API good for your case? That depends!

If you’re developing a small aviation or hospitality application or website that does not have much demand for data precision, quality and service stability, our API might be just right for you! However, you are discouraged (and even not allowed in some cases) to use our API for mission-critical products, especially if your product is involved with real-life aircraft operations or navigation! Read more in our FAQ.


Technical documentation for our API is available in two locations: on the RapidAPI Hub and on the official documentation website

On RapidAPI Hub you will be able to shoot testing requests directly to our live API with your personal API key, which allows you to test the data extensively. 

On the documentation website, you will find much more detailed information about each endpoint, including a description of each request and response contract. You can as well download an OpenAPI v3 JSON specification to make API integration with your application easier.